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The Accounting Department of 񱦵 is motivated toidentify, measure and communicate economic information about 񱦵 for the purpose of making decisions and informed judgments.
It is our desire to teach everyone how to understand and monitor their budget on theJenzabarAccounting Information System. We also seek to negotiate the best price,andthe best quality of goods and services for your purchases. Last but not least, we make sure every purchase or accounting entry is in accordance with 񱦵 policies and Accounting internal controls, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Government Accounting Standards Board and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist World Policies.
Ourmission isto effectively manage, report, store and record all financial activities involved with the fiscal operations of 񱦵 and its auxiliaries.
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Phone: (256) 726-7020
Fax: (256) 726-7461