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Academic & Financial Challenges
If a student experiences academic challenges at Oakwood they may be suspended and worse lose their financial aid.  The following information is to help keep students and those who support them informed of the process and options if they are having academic difficulty.  There are two parts to an appeal when a student has academic challenges.  One is to the Center for Student Success regarding challenges with academic and the other is to the Office of Financial Aid regarding what they will do to ensure they to financiers that they improve their grades.  The following information is derived from 񱦵’s 2017-2019 academic Bulletin.
CSS Academic Probation, Suspension & Dismissal

A student whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.00 is placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation should expect to take more than two years to complete the requirements for an associate degree and more than four years to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.  This status requires the student to take part in the academic improvement program conducted by the Center for Student Success (CSS). Failure of a student on academic probation to take part in this program can result in dismissal from the university in most cases, unless there are catastrophic extenuating circumstances that precluded the student’s participation.in the program. A student who fails to make acceptable academic progress according to the established policies and procedures of the institution will be suspended. A first suspension because of poor academic performance will result in ineligibility for readmission or reacceptance consideration for a period of one semester from the date of suspension. If suspended a second time, the student becomes eligible for readmission or reacceptance after one calendar year from the suspension date. During that time the student must attend another accredited institution for at least one semester, carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours with no grade lower than C. In both cases, the student must apply for readmission through the Registrar’s Office. Any student who after four academic semesters or 61 semester hours has not attained a cumulative GPA of 2.00 will be recommended for suspension. During the suspension, the student must attend another accredited college carrying a minimum class load of 12 hours and passing with no grade lower than C. Class schedules must include courses previously taken at Oakwood where grades of D or lower were received. Application for readmission must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at 񱦵. A student recommended for suspension will receive an official notification of their suspension or dismissal that includes an Academic Suspension Appeal Form. Notifications for the Fall semester will be made by December 22nd of and for the Spring by May 31st.  An appeal can be made that documents catastrophic extenuating circumstances that may have impacted the students’ academic progress.  Once the student is notified, the following guidelines apply:

CSS Appeals for Academic Suspensions
  1. The appeal form must be completed and returned to the Academic Risk Management Office (ARM) of CSS within one week of receiving the notification.
  2. A copy of either the Appeal Approval Form or Appeal Denial Form signed by the ARM office manager will be forwarded to the student within two weeks after receipt of the appeal form. Note that academic approval for readmission does not mean that a student meets financial aid guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progress (Contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance).

A student whose cumulative GPA is below 2.00 is denied the opportunity and permission to represent the university in any official capacity; to hold office in any student organization; to be employed in any academic administrative area involving records and confidentiality. Some social restrictions involving leave requests may also apply. Students on academic probation:


  1. Must limit registration to a class load of 13 hours per semester.
  2. Must be advised by the CSS academic advisors for class schedule approval during registration.
  3. Must include in the class load courses in which the student received a F. In some instances, related to their major or a transfer course, students may need to repeat a course they earned a D grade in.
  4. Must register for remedial courses when the following conditions exist:
Condition Student must take:
ACT English is less than 16 or SAT English (ERW) of at least 470 EN 095 and EN 099
ACT Math is less than 16 or SAT Math is less than 480 MA 095
ACT composite is less than 17 or SAT total is less than 920 񱦵 097


  1. Must successfully pass remedial courses with at least a C before registering for classes in English or mathematics.
  2. Must receive weekly tutorial assistance at the CSS.
  3. Must attend bi-weekly advising sessions with the CSS academic advisor or weekly sessions for students with a GPA below a 1.5.

For questions or comments about Academic Probation and Suspension, please email The Dean of Student Success at StudentSucccess@oakwood.edu or call 256-726-8259.

Financial Aid SAP Appeal Process

Financial Aid SAP Appeal Process When students are notified that they are ineligible for financial aid, they have the option to appeal in certain circumstances such as: the death of a family member; illness; accident or injury; compulsory military duty; or some other mitigating situation. Students who need to appeal will be sent a link from oakwood.verifymyfafsa.com to complete a SAP appeal. Third party documentation that corroborates the students’ reason for appeal is required. It is helpful to have as many forms of documentation as possible. Students will not be allowed to enter classes via MyOakwood, secure dorm rooms, or otherwise move forward with registration until a Financial Aid SAP appeal has been APPROVED. The SAP committee will review the appeal within 10 business days of receiving the completed SAP appeal form and documentation. Decisions are made after a careful evaluation of the circumstances, the documentation submitted, Federal Title IV regulations, and the 񱦵 guidelines. Students will be notified of the committee’s decision via their 񱦵 email account. During this time, students are responsible for any tuition and fees (including late fees) that are charged to their accounts. SAP Appeal Deadlines Students must submit the completed appeal and all required documentation with required signature by:


  • July 31 to appeal for the upcoming Fall Semester
  • December 29 (only for students that must be reviewed for Spring) Failure to meet these deadlines will likely result in the following:
  • significant delay in receiving a response from the SAP committee
  • late registration fees
  • inability to register for needed classes
  • other consequences Students whose GPA/Pace appeals are approved will fall into one of the following categories:


Definition Federal regulations require 񱦵 to ensure all students receiving Title IV aid maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). SAP is defined by successfully meeting the following criteria:

  1. Cumulate GPA – maintain a GPA of 2.00 or better. Students only attempting 0-29 hours must have a GPA of 1.70 or better Hours attempted Required Cumulative GPA 0-29 1.70 30+ 2.00
  2. Pace (Completion Rate) – student must successfully complete 67 percent of all course work attempted. (see below)
  3. Maximum Timeframe – all degrees must be completed within 150 percent of the published academic program hours. Students failing to meet any ONE of these criteria will become ineligible for Financial Aid. Pace is calculated as follows: Hours successfully completed divided by Total hours attempted = Completion Rate

The following are included in the Pace Calculation for SAP

  • Total Hours Earned = all coursework with a grade hours for A, B, C, or D
  • Total Hours Attempted = Total Hours Earned plus all grades of F, W, and I For the purpose of SAP criteria, GPA hours may also include:
  • Hours accepted for transfer
  • Repeated coursework
  • Coursework in which a student is granted academic forgiveness
  • Courses that are remedial

Notification of Failure to Meet SAP Satisfactory Academic Progress will be monitored at the end of each term. Students who are identified as not making SAP will be notified through their 񱦵 email regarding their status for the upcoming term. Students will be placed on financial aid WARNING if they were meeting the SAP requirements in the prior term but are not meeting the GPA or Pace criteria as outlined in the current term. Students on financial aid warning may continue to receive financial aid for one term. Failure to meet the SAP criteria by the end of the warning term will result in the student being INELIGIBLE for financial aid. Ineligible students will be sent notification that future financial aid disbursements will be terminated. Students who fall into the following categories at any time will become INELIGIBLE for financial aid:

  • Zero credit hours are completed for two terms (in which aid is received) in an academic year
  • Suspended by the University
  • Exceeds maximum timeframe for degree Students deemed ineligible for financial aid may submit an appeal for review in order to have their financial aid eligibility reinstated, or the student may opt to attend without the benefit of financial aid until SAP criteria has been met.