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Two employees taking a moment to pray
񱦵 is an organization that is rich in tradition and dedicated to serve humanity. Its programs and activities are many, varied, and sometimes complex. The University is truly a “people oriented” university, and you are a part of it. No matter what your particular job is, you can take pride in the fact that you contribute to a great organization that strives to accomplish its mission. Its success depends upon the skill, energy, and enthusiasm you and employees like you put into the job.

The purpose of the 񱦵 Handbooks are to help you understand the operation of the University relative to administrative staff and employees, and to present in a convenient form the major policies and practices as they relate to the employees of the University.

Request for Leave/Vacation

Following receipt of a leave request notice, the employee will be provided applicable notice, information and forms related to the leave, which must be returned to the Office of Human Resources.

Other Forms

Forms designated as PDF require Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded for free.